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Zombie Volunteers

The Zombie Apocalypse wouldn't be complete without plenty of undead, brain-eaters wondering around.  We are searching for those willing and able to become "infected" and be a part of the zombie apocalypse.

Zombies are categorized into 2 types:

  • Runner Zombie

  • Stationary Zombie


Runner Zombies will be released onto the course about 5 min after the last escapees have left for the "Safe Zone". It will be your responsibility to catch those runners and capture their flags. (More details released, in our volunteer email)

Stationary Zombies will be positioned in small groups or "ZOMBIE ZONES" around the evacuation zone (the park), and are responsible for their area only as runners pass through their dedicated area.  


Zombie Rules

Although the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, this is a charitable, family friendly event so we do have rules, and want everyone to be safe and have fun. The following rules apply to our zombies (and sometimes runners)

  1. Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner, or zombie is strictly prohibited.  All in violation of this rule will be escorted off of the grounds without a refund.  Those in violation may also be prosecuted depending on the severity of the act.

  2. Zombies are not allowed to grab more than 1 flag from any one runner

  3. Zombies are not allowed to grab a flag from a runner if that runner is waiting to complete, or completing any obstacle

  4. Zombies must follow any rules their group leaders include as part of their area of the infected zone

  5. If you are a zombie that is dedicated to laying on the ground,  attached to an object, or anything of the like, you are never to chase down a runner.

  6. "Chaser Zombies" must run/ chase after runners the entire event from one zone to the next. If any hills are included in the run course, Chaser Zombies will be required to walk up the hills IF any runner is seen walking up the same hill.

  7. All zombies must complete the entire event. We are anticipating the course to be open for a maximum of 1.5 hours. Zombies MUST sign in and out at the end of the event

  8. Any visibly intoxicated zombies will be escorted from the event.

  9. We require all zombies be at least 14 years of age.(for those under 18 we will need a signed waiver from a guardian)

  10. All zombie volunteers must sign same race waiver. 

  11. The event will help transform individuals into zombies 1-2 hours prior to event, using professional makeup artists. We encourage zombie volunteers to apply any make up they choose prior to arrival to make it faster for the professionals to finish any makeup needs. 

  12. Zombies will be asked to wear their own clothes, please note that those garments will get dirty and torn, so make sure you wear something old that you don't mind getting ruined. Zombie outfits can be ANY type of outfit, active, business, casual, etc...

Zombie 5K
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